December 28, 2012


I hope you all had a lovely holiday! I thought I would do a product review today since I got some goodies from Santa that I would like to share with you. Actually I didn't even receive this one from Santa, it was from my best friend, but I bet you can guess what it is from the title of the post.
Yup! It's the Naked 2 palette! I've had my eye on this beauty since Urban Decay released it last year. The original Naked palette and the Naked 2 are the same in price at $50. As their names suggest, they are each filled with twelve eye shadows in natural hues. Even though I have relied on the first Naked palette for the past year, I personally think that the Naked2 palette outshines the original by lightyears.

The new formula that Urban Decay is now using for all of their eye shadows is much more soft and silky on application and loosens up more than their previous formula. The colors themselves are quite pigmented, but not too much so. It is easy to build and blend the colors to your desired saturation. In comparison to the first one color-wise, Naked2 has a cooler tone to it. In the first one there are warm golds, bronzes, and browns and a couple of almost pink/purple eye shadows. The second one has a few of the same gold and bronze colors, but it includes some stony, slate tones as well. I swatched all of the colors on the inside of my arm so you can see them for yourself. *Note that the lighting affected the way that some of the colors show up. Also for your reference, I have a medium-fair skin tone with yellow undertones.

*I would like to mention that the first color in the palette, Foxy, barely showed up in the photo, but actually is quite noticeable in person. It is a light cream in a matte finish that makes a good base color.

Anyways, another aspect that I like about the Naked2 palette is the packaging. The metal case snaps shut and seems quite durable. The first Naked palette has a velvet case that has collected spots of eye shadow and makeup over the past year and closes with inset magnets that don't always keep it shut. The mirror on the Naked2 is larger than the one in the original Naked palette, but I never use the mirrors inside of palettes anyways so that doesn't make a difference to me. Both of them come with brushes, but I actually don't like either of them. I lost the one that came with the first one and the double ended brush (one brush for basic application and a crease brush) that came with the second one doesn't pick up the eye shadow very well.
So overall, the Naked2 wins on pigmentation, blendability (I just made that one up), and packaging. Plus, I have a personal preference for the more stony toned colors in the Naked2.
Hope this review helped you gain more info on the two Naked palettes! If you want to see some of the other things I received for christmas click on my YouTube link.

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