April 11, 2013

Coachella Inspired Fashion

Since I'm not actually going to Coachella I can only day dream about it, but here's what I've thought up for what I'd wear to the festival. Most of the pieces are light and airy because I'd want as little amount of clothing on as possible if I were surrounded by thousands of people in the desert. Since crop tops are on-trend right now they are an easy go-to piece. They look really cute with high waisted shorts or a skirt that sits at your waist. Color-wise I would stick with creams, blushes, and baby blues, or anything else in the almost-white category. This keeps you cooler than wearing a black band tee and prevents sweat stains from being as noticeable. A cute backpack is a hassle free way of carrying your belongings around, plus an extra sweater for nighttime. To accessorize, metallic jewelry will add some polish to the look and a cute phone battery will be a lifesaver! For shoes I would go for whatever is the most comfortable, so something along the lines of Converse, Keds, or even ankle boots would work. Honestly, anything goes at Coachella and the focus is the music, so being comfortable is the most important point to hit. If you want to get your hands on any of the products below, just click on the pictures.

Coachella Day 1

Coachella Day 2

Coachella Accessories


For even more inspiration, tons of brands and celebrities are posting festival pics onto their Instagrams! Vanessa Hudgens, Free People, and Rumi Neely are among the top! 

April 4, 2013

Shopping Guide to LA

Throughout the week a stream of pop songs featuring various lyrics about California have been running through my head (i.e. California Girls by Katy Perry, obviously), but they're quite accurate in glorifying the Golden State. From San Francisco to Los Angeles, the California-cool character is palpable and infectious. It makes me want to get 5 shades darker, don my largest sunnies, and slip into a gauzy maxi dress.
Between this year and last I have experienced many different parts of California and the most buzz-worthy is definitely Los Angeles. There are numerous shopping destinations, star-sighting spots, and famous landmarks to be seen. Since this is a fashion blog I'm just going to be focusing on the fashion-oriented places, but there's something for everybody & every interest in LA. So here's my top five shopping havens:

1) Melrose Avenue
The long line of stores ranges from Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen to American Apparel and vintage shops. In the more affordable area, many of the stores have been there for decades and have similar merchandise, but it's all very cute and I've found some unique pieces among them. While some of the stores are super feminine, the overall effect embodies the grungier, street-style of LA.

  • If you plan on going to Melrose, you must visit Wasteland. It is the best consignment store I have ever been to. It's full of designer finds that are gently used and sometimes more than half the original price. On my most recent trip I scored a leather blazer by Trouve for $75 that was previously $200 (You'll see this on my Spring Break(down) video next week!)
2) The Grove LA
This outdoor shopping center is fairly new and has developed quite a scene. It's newest acquisition to its collection of stores (Including Nordstrom, Barney's, Zara, Abercrombie, etc.) is Topshop/Topman which opened in February. I can always count on a statement piece from Topshop, and it's one of the three locations in the U.S. There's also a myriad of different restaurants and a Dylan's candy bar to satiate your sweet tooth.

  • I prefer this mall to others because it's kept so clean and accessible. Even though it has a lot of the same standard stores the village-like layout makes it seem charming in a way. Plus, the public restrooms are seriously the nicest one's I've ever been to. There must be tons of people who go through there every day, but they are kept pristine. (This may not be that important to some people, but I found them to be a wonderful part of my experience).
3) Rodeo Drive
I'm actually not too crazy about Rodeo because of the degree of fussiness that goes with it, but if your pocket is deep enough this would be the place to shop all of the designer brands. I enjoy just walking Rodeo and admiring the stores that aren't available in Washington like Chanel and Versace, but it's easy to find yourself in a sea of tourists who insist on snapping pictures of every label in sight.

  • Overall, I find Rodeo to be a bit overrated and I think the heavy load of tourists that mill about are obnoxious, but if you're going to be in LA it would be sad to say you didn't experience Rodeo at least once. If you can, go through the hills, past Bel Air, and then down into Beverly Hills to get to Rodeo for a more scenic route.
4) Old Town Pasadena
While this isn't in LA, I thought I should mention it because I love it so much. It's about half an hour away from LA by car and is totally worth the drive. It's a quieter experience than the buzz of the city, but it will meet your shopping needs. From Forever 21 to J. Crew, it has it all.
  • Many people consider Old Town the real downtown of Pasadena, because it's where the most of the action is. All of the shopping is on Colorado Boulevard, which has never seemed too packed with people any of the times I've visited. If you're in the mood for a relaxed shopping trip, this is the place to go.
5) Santee Alley
I haven't actually been to Santee Alley when it was open, but from what I've heard it's the best place for cheap finds. It's located in LA's Fashion District right in downtown. There are about 150 stores/vendors in the Alley (it literally is an alley between two blocks) that are open every day of the year. Be aware though, a lot of the "bargains" are really just knockoffs.

  • I arrived right when all of the vendors were closing down, but from what I saw Santee Alley is equivalent to Canal Street in New York. Personally, I'm not a fan of those kinds of vendors, but I know a lot of people who don't mind it. Who knows, you might find something great! There's shops for clothes, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, etc. with everything at reasonable prices.
The best part of LA shopping is the diversity of experiences you can have within a few days. Sometimes you just have to be in the right mood for a certain place, but no matter what you'll find somewhere you enjoy in the LA area.

April 3, 2013

DIY Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Yay! It’s the first day of my spring break and I am currently on a plane down to LA! (Edit: It’s actually halfway through my spring break, but I wrote this when I was on the plane. Expect a blast of blog posts that I haven’t had time to upload coming soon). I’m still recovering from a bad cold that put me on bed rest for a week, but something good did come out of it. I discovered what a miracle worker coconut oil is! All around it is beneficial to your inner and outer health. I read up about it on here.
Whenever I get sick my hair loses it’s shine and strength,so I wanted to give it some TLC. As I was browsing DIY hair/scalp treatments one ingredient kept popping up: coconut oil. I had just bought a jar of it, so I concocted my own treatment based on this one. All of the ingredients are really beneficial to hair!

What you’ll need:
  •  4 Tablespoons of coconut oil, melted, but not too hot- adds shine & strength
  • 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice- clarifies
  • 1 Tablespoon of honey- cleanses
  • A few drops of your favorite essential oil (I used lavender, but jojoba or tea tree oil are especially good for hair)- smells good!
  • Brush or comb
  •  Shower cap 

  • Since oils and water don't mix, this will only work on dry hair.
  • Do this in the bathroom or kitchen or wherever it's OK to get messy.
  • Dipping the comb into the mixture and running it through your hair works pretty well, but to get it close to the scalp you're going to have to use your hands.
  • It may take two showers to completely rinse the oil out of your hair (I nlearned this the hard way).

All you have to do is mix all of the ingredients into a small bowl until it is combined well, then you are ready to start applying it!I would suggest doing this on a weekend or when you have some free time because it is quite a process to put it in your hair and it has to sit for 30+ minutes.Start at the hairline and work your way down by first dipping my hands in the mixture and massaging onto your scalp and then dipping the comb in the mixture and combing it all the way to the ends (This is the best method that I figured out). When you think your hair is sufficiently coated, tie your hair up into a loose bun and put the shower cap on. Then, set a timer for 30-45 minutes depending on how long or thick your hair is. Once the timer goes off take a shower and wash your hair like normal with shampoo and conditioner. It may take two showers to completely rinse the treatment out so maybe double shampoo when you’re in the shower. Once you’re hair dries (I blow dried mine straight, like always) your locks should feel silky-smooth!

To be honest, after my second shower and blow dry I didn’t really see a difference in the shininess of my hair. I was doubtful, but when I went to school a few days later (even after another shower) I got multiple compliments on how shiny and soft it was! It’s been two weeks since then, and my hair still feels great!

Have you ever done a DIY hair treatment? If so, how did it turn out? Would you try this one out?

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!