December 20, 2012

Gift Guide: Guy Edition

Why does it always seem so darn difficult to find the right gift for a guy? If you've only known them for just a bit, or even for your entire life, they're usually tricky to shop for... I don't even understand the dynamics behind it. It doesn't seem like guys are very picky about what you get them, but there seems to be an element of stress on getting them the perfect present.
I am an especially thoughtful gift-giver and I probably over-analyze what to get someone. The receiver's interests, hobbies, personal style, etc. are all taken into account before I even start brainstorming what to get them. That said, with guys I go about it the opposite way. Instead of thinking about what they would want, I think about what I would want to see them in or what I think they need. I'm actually surprised at how well this method has worked out for me...
So here are some items that I think guys would appreciate receiving:
Gift Guide: Guy Edition

1. Sweatshirt: This is probably the easiest thing to get a guy because it can be completely casual. You can make it more personal by giving them a hoodie or crewneck for their favorite school or team.
2. Snapbacks: I actually don't know that many guys who wear these, but I've noticed that they have become quite popular elsewhere. Again, you can personalize it to whatever team your guy supports.
3. Nike: Maybe this is just a thing around here, but all of the guys at my school are obsessed with Nike. I'm sure that if there was a survey 99% of them would proudly admit to owning Nike Freerun's and Nike Elite socks.
4. Wallet: What guy doesn't need a wallet? You could even add in some gift cards or some extra cash for a surprise.
5. Music/tech related stuff: An iTunes card is always a good one. If you're willing to splurge, the Beats by Dre headphones and earbuds are super nice. If not, there are plenty of other headphones out there that would be sufficient. Concert tickets to a band you both enjoy would make a great present too. Other tech related things like phone or iPad cases are easy gifts as well.
6. Movie night: Put together a package including a favorite movie, some popcorn, candy, and a blanket/Snuggie for a thoughtful and fun present. 
7. Cologne: Picking out a cologne for a guy might be difficult if you're trying to figure out what kind he would like, but if you go off of your own senses at least he will know that you like how he smells! (P.S. Bleu de Chanel is what Harry Styles wears).

Again, I hope I helped you get some ideas to get some presents checked off of the list! Happy holidays! xxx

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