December 22, 2012

Gift Guide: Last Minute Presents

This is probably going to be my last Gift Guide since Christmas is only two days away! Like I said in a previous post, my family always leaves Christmas shopping until the last minute. I actually got most of it done yesterday (Dec. 22), but I still have a few stocking stuffers and minor things to get. If you're in the Christmas Crunch Time too, these are some small presents you can get super fast:
Stocking Stuffers
1. Gift cards: My family has dubbed gift cards as a last-resort kind of a present, just because there is a lack of effort on the giver's part, but I actually really like getting gift cards because I enjoy picking out my own things.
2. Phone Cases: See my post about it here.
3. Nail polish: Ooooh, one of my favorites! I'm a nail polish junkie, so a new bottle is always appreciated. They don't have to be really high end like Deborah Lippman, either, a nice bottle of Essie or OPI makes me just as happy.
4. Hair accessories: This takes me back to 8th grade at the height of my Gossip Girl craze... Headbands à la Blair Waldorf were a daily accessory. I don't wear headbands that often now, but cute bobby pins can add a little touch of sparkle and fun to an otherwise boring 'do.
5. Socks: I feel like this is always a joke among my friends, or maybe it's just me. Whenever I ask one what they want for Christmas and they say "idk" I'll just tell them I'm getting them socks... okay I guess that would just make it my joke. Anyways, socks could actually be a really trendy gift if you pick out the textured, colorful, or crocheted kind that can peek out over boots/booties.
6. Home decor: Accent pillows, candle holders, bookends, etc... the options are limitless. 
7. Books: Again, the options are limitless. If you have a fashionable and literate friend consider looking at my videos about fashion/style books here for ideas.
8. Makeup: This one can be very budget friendly (or not, I suppose). One item from Sephora , or two or three drugstore items are both good options.
9. Jewelry: A small piece of jewelry, like earrings, can actually be a great addition to someone's wardrobe! If you decide to go for jewelry I would recommend getting something that is good quality, even if it is a tad more expensive. If you purchase a few pieces from somewhere like Forever 21 they will probably break within the first few wears, but if you get it from a more reliable place the money spent will actually be worth it and if the person doesn't like it they can actually return it. (Does anyone else think that Forever 21 has ridiculous return policies?)

Happy holidays! xxx

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