December 14, 2012

Gift Guide: Phone Cases

Last week this happened:

Luckily, it turned out not to be so bad after all, because I had an upgrade coming up soon and was able to get the iPhone5!
As soon as I had my iPhone in my hands I got a case for it. A phone case would make a lovely stocking stuffer because they can be so personalized to the owner's style. They're also an easy way to get something designer for a relatively reasonable price. Some of my friends who have had iPhones way longer than me have whole "wardrobes" of phone cases. And you don't have to have an iPhone to get a cute case! They have lots of choices for a variety of phones on or at those kiosks in the mall (or maybe that's just in the malls around here?). I've also heard of websites where you can custom order a case with your own image on it. There are so many options! 
Just because I'm on team iPhone now and they're the most common kind of phone case at stores, I've picked out a selection of some iPhone 4 cases that would make your phone a fashion statement:
Phone Cases
I especially like the Kate Spade ones, and she has at least five other designs than the ones shown above. 
Another thought is to look for laptop/iPad/tablet/Kindle cases for a present. Like I said, has tons of choices for all of those tech accessories.

Happy holidays! xxx

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