June 27, 2011

Summer Staples: White


Summer and the color white practically go hand in hand. They are both crisp, clean, and refreshing. White works in summer because it is light during the hot days (which have yet to come in Washington... boo!), it shows off your tan, and it is always being renewed in different ways for summer. For instance, the July issue of People Style Watch did a spread on white clothing and accessories and a month before, head-to-toe white outfits were featured in the June issue of Teen Vogue.

Teen Vogue, June 2011 issue, Point Blank, Page 129

The Little White Dress:
Number 49 on The 100, the little white dress is the underrated equivalent of the LBD. Women wear it to show off their color during the summer, and fashionistas carry it into the winter to prove that they don't follow the, "No white after Labor Day rule." Just be careful not to spill BBQ sauce on it on the 4th of July! Or any other dangerous foods. One stain can absolutely ruin the look of a white ensemble.
What to pair it with:

  • Neutral shoes. But metallics can be included in the "neutral" category for this one. Silver or gold could definitely work.
  • You can take the look in two directions. The sweet, flirty side, with delicate jewelry and sandals, or the edgy side. To accomplish this, pair your LWD with a daring piece of jewelry like a gigantic cocktail ring, a gold snake choker, or motor boots.
I'm more of a sweet girl, so I was drawn to the series of lacy dresses, shoes, and handbags in Dolce and Gabbana's summer collection. They are absolutely perfect for summer.

White Crops & Shorts:
White pants are perfect for a pulled together, casual summer look. You can pretty much find a pair anywhere during the warmer months. There are different lengths too. If you are confident with your legs, go with short-shorts. If you are a little more modest, bermuda shorts would work for you. I would suggest getting a pair that aren't too light of a fabric, or else your underwear might show through (The horror!). If it is a chillier day, you can even get a pair of white jeans. I found the best pair of Joe's Jeans on sale down at the Off 5th Ave. store in the outlet mall near Palm Springs. 
White Shoes:
White shoes can really pull together an outfit. You can wear white sandals to the mall, to the movies, or anywhere pretty much (Except in a muddy setting). If you are going to a luncheon, white espadrilles or pumps will be perfect. And if its just a casual day, I turn to my white Sperry Top-Sider Van's style shoes. Just be aware of dirt! It would be shame to get your pristine white shoes dirty... I know from experience.

Steve Madden 'Serenite' Sandal
Steve Madden 'Serenite' Sandal
Valentino Bow Trim Espadrille
Valentino Bow Trim Epadrille

Sperry Top-Sider® 'CVO' Sneaker
Sperry Top-Sider 'CVO' Sneaker

And here's me in my summer whites:
PS: My hair is in a bun, but you can't see it against the black... so just letting you know I'm not bald.

Top: Frenchi, from Nordstrom BP
Shorts: Hollister, 'Brooks Beach' $29.50
Necklace: Forever 21, Helen Multi-Chain Necklace $7.80

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