June 9, 2011

The 100: My Collection

Finally! Another item added to my slowly growing (kind of like my actual growth, still only 5'1" grrr) collection. On my Spring Break trip down to Palm Springs I visited the Desert Hills Premium Outlet Mall, where I acquired a Man's White Shirt (Number 53). I purchased the X Fit Extreme Slim Essential Dress Shirt at the Calvin Klein store for $65. If I may say so myself, I think that this shirt has the best fit it can for women. Since it is a slim fit, it does not swallow up your figure. Some other elements that I like are that it is extremely soft and light (I literally wanted to wear it to bed) and it is really long, so I could just throw it on over my bathing suit and it made a relaxed, but clean swimsuit cover-up.

I think that this shirt is perfect for a pulled together, casual look. When I was in Palm Springs I rolled up the sleeves and paired it with a belt and some denim short shorts, finished with some cute sandals and accessories. Now that I'm back in Washington and the weather still hasn't cleared up, I usually wear it as a tunic with black leggings and a pair of ballet flats.

Now you might want to cheat your way out of wearing something from the men's department, but embrace it! The more fitted and tailored women's versions take away the prestige and aren't as chic. And if that doesn't convince you Nina made a point in saying that, "Seeing a woman in a man's white shirt makes women a tad jealous and men more than a tad intrigued". On the other hand, I don't think that applies to me since I am a teenager and have yet to have a boyfriend (Sigh). But I still love the essence of it!

Where to buy the Man's White Shirt:

  • The classic place to go is Brook's Brothers. Nina claims they have the best noniron version out there, and I take her word for it.
  • Another classic option is the Gap.
  • For an inexpensive, but still nice quality shirt try Target. However, they do not always have them in stock, so be sure to grab one (or more) when they have them.
  • And of course, your significant other's closet.
When buying remember that the shirt should be crisp, clean, and preferably cotton or fine linen. Most importantly, it should not have any little feminine details like pearl buttons or else the point in having a Man's White Shirt is completely defeated.

Classic Men's White Shirt Moments:

1953, Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday

1990, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

2011, Myself

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