June 25, 2011

Summer Staples: Sandals

Sandals have to be the shoes that are included in the fashion definition of summer. Some might argue that flip-flops are the only shoes for summertime, but who thinks those can actually make a fashion statement? No, sandals are the way to go. They can give a boho feel to an outfit, or they can be a statement accessory. I have a T shaped pair I got in Palm Springs that are a metallic, gunmetal color with clear studs. Since I'm more of a neutral footwear kinda girl, I can always count on them to finish my outfit, no matter what it is.
Plus they are another item on The 100 (Numero 75). Nina advises that the sandals should look as good as your best stilettos. That means your foot shouldn't be slipping out the sides, front, or back. She also requests that your feet be pedicured. Now I can't go get pedicures on a regular basis, which might be good because then it feels like a treat when I do get one, but I can give myself one. And I do this very often. If you don't trust that you are good enough to paint your own toes, invite friends over and you can have a spa party! You can give each other mani and pedis, make your own facials (Like my Green Tea facial Scrub), and serve some cocktails. Make it fun!

You can pretty much buy sandals anywhere during the summer, but I would definitely recommend getting good quality ones. Not breaking the bank nice ones, but at least ones that are comfortable enough to spend a day in. I mean, if you just look at some of those sandals out there, you know that within 20 minutes of wearing them your feet will be done.

These Tory Burch sandals are the kind that you can pair with anything. I see them with tuxedo shorts with a light blouse tucked in and a fedora to top things off.

Tory Burch Thong
Tory Burch Thong, $195

These boho sandals are perfect for adding a pop of color to an outfit. K. Jaques sandals are mentioned in The 100 as,"Cool and casual and radiate the relaxed, tranquil Mediterranean atmosphere." (The 100, by Nina Garcia, page 217) In addition, some people can't stand wearing the thong style sandals because they irritate their feet in between the toes, but these ones don't have that bother.

Teddy Velvet
K. Jacques Teddy Velvet sandals, $282.24

For an edgy option, these jeweled Soda sandals are perfect. Comparable sandals have been spotted on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, and Heidi Klum.

Soda ANDRIX Jeweled Flat Sandal (Black), $27.90
When you purchase these Sseko sandals, you are also helping to pay for Ugandan women's college educations. And you can always look fashionable with these because they have interchangeable straps that you can tie in different ways.

Marigold Sandal
Sseko Marigold Sandal, $47
To see the other styles of straps click here.

And for those of you who just want to throw on some flip flops, I insist you get Havaianas (Another item on The 100, number 37). Havaianas have to be the most comfortable flip flops I have ever worn. They are known as "the democratic sandal," because everyone wears them, from teenagers like me to big celebrities Jennifer Aniston. They come in so many colors, patterns, and styles, and make new ones every year. Missoni did a collaboration with Havaianas this year and made three different styles, but they are currently all sold out. In my opinion, I think the Slim style flip flops are sleeker looking than the thicker strapped ones. My favorite pair this year are these ones: 

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