November 30, 2012

Pinterest and Peppermint

Once again, the Holidays are upon us. This means it's time for several things:
1) Starbucks' holiday drinks and cups come out (make that a grande Skinny Peppermint Mocha, please!). 2) Christmas decorations go up. And 3) It's the season for giving!

My family tends to wait until two weeks before Christmas to begin our present shopping... I'm not exactly sure why we do this, and it really doesn't seem logical, but that's one of our holiday traditions I suppose. Regardless of if you're on the lookout for Christmas presents all year round, or a last minute gifter it's always helpful to have a guide.

This year my go-to resource has been Pinterest. This fairly new website is like a hybrid between Tumblr and Polyvore. You personalize and create Boards where you Repin what others have already put on the site (you are also able to make your own pins), but then clicking on the pictures sends you to the site the picture came from. I apologize if that didn't make any sense at all, but I promise it is simpler than I made it sound!

You can check out and follow my boards here. The ones that will be helpful for the holidays are my Seasons, Style It, and Accessorize It boards. The Seasons one is mostly recipes for treats and ideas for decorations, but the Style It and Accessorize It ones are good for getting ideas for cute and fashionable gifts.

Another way you can utilize Pinterest for the holidays would be to make a Christmas List board and pin all of the things you want for Christmas on it and then share the link with your friends and family.

Hope this gives you some gift giving-ideas!


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