July 11, 2013

Pedicures, Prosecco, and Plumm

It is now day 8 of my 2013 journey in NYC! Since Wednesday I’ve actually acquired quite the collection of info that will come in handy in life, so I’m paying it forward.

"Lights" by Essie

1) If you’re one of those people who visit nail salons religiously, pop on into Polished on 78th between Broadway and West End. I swear to God/Allah/Yeezus that you will love your visit. Not only do they sterilize everything - and I mean every area, tool, and point of contact - in the salon, but also the girls are accommodating, sweet, and helpful. They have a vast collection of Essie and Zoya nail polishes and also CND Shellac. The mani and pedi that I got was totally worth the $40! They are totally professional, and while you wait for your nails to dry they treat you to a relaxing back and neck massage. Definitely going there again!

2) While my mom and I were having dinner, we watched one of the waitresses commit several cardinal sins of how to pour Prosecco (or any champagne or sparkling wine). My mom bartended for as long as a young actress needs to make a living (for years), so she talked me through how to properly pour. (By the way, I totally understand how you may be thinking, “Why is a sixteen year old schooling me on how to pour a glass of bubbly?!”) Rule 1: Cover the top of the bottle with a towel/napkin, and then twist the bottle, not the cork to open it. This prevents the cork from popping out. Rule 2: Never pick up the glass. Rule 3: Hold the bottle at the base, with your thumb in the indented bump on the bottom. Rule 4: As you finish the pour, twist/roll the bottle so it doesn’t drip out. Rule 5: Give a generous pour!

3) For dessert, we went to Sugar and Plumm, a cute restaurant that has anything and everything to satisfy a sweet tooth. The clientele is wonderfully varied, which proves that sugar never gets old! My mom and I split their chocolate mousse, which is a combo of dark, milk, and white chocolates. It was rich and tasty, without being overly filling. The ambiance is lovely and their beautiful dessert themed tile mosaic adds to the fun atmosphere. A downside is that it closes at 10:30pm, so it’s not available for those super late night cravings, although they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week, too.

Next update on Wednesday! xxx

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