June 28, 2013

Fash-Interior Design

My mom and I just moved into a condo, so I get to design my new room! (I'll post pictures when it's finished). I've had a lot of ideas stirring about, but the essence of my room will be bringing my love for fashion and a downtown chic look into it. In the midst of the interior design blogs and Pinterest boards, I discovered ikeaspotting.tumblr.com. This gem of a blog shows countless ways people have utilized various products from Ikea in very contemporary and clever ways. I've always been an advocate for the superstore, but this blog is proof that the elementary shelving or desks or etc. from there can be worked into an oh-so-chic lifestyle.
And although I am no interior designer, I do have a clear vision of what I want, so here's just a peek of my inspiration and the direction I want to go.

Promise to post pictures when my room is done! xxx

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