January 25, 2013

Trend Report: Black & White & Neon All Over

While the cleansing neutrals of the Winter season are still going strong, be prepared to be electrified by Spring's bold neons! Not to mention that my favorite colors (or non-colors) black and white will be making a statement in Spring. See what can happen when you take two fabulous trends and mix 'em up. . . In the words of Rachel Zoe "SO MAJ."
Black and White and Neon. . .. . . ALL OVER
Even though the two trends contradict each other literally, they compliment each other oh-so-well! Go graphic with the black and white to make it stand out. Then, add some bright accessories to refresh the look. To build off of a neon base, add some B&W accessories that will add to the whole look. Again, make the B&W bold so it doesn't look plain or boring against such a bright canvas.

If you're the kind of one-stop-shopper for trends Nasty Gal has the best of both worlds. They put together lookbooks of their products for the upcoming season that are really great resources for inspiration. January's Pop Rocks lookbook features all of the best brights, while Loud & Clear is true to its name, shouting out patterns and prints through black and white. Plus, basically all of their styles go from edgy to feminine in a snap, which I love!

So which trend do you favor? Or are you like me, and want to mix and match them all?

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